Google Says Quality Photos Enhance Business Listings

Google research has officially confirmed what we photographers already know: that websites and business listings that use great photos are more appealing to customers.

In particular, Google says that in-store photos are especially helpful on Google Business listings because they help customers know what to expect in a store—highlighting what a store has to offer and giving them a virtual peek inside the store before they visit. 

To that end, Google has produced this lovely little video that offers some nice tips from a professional photographer for how to take better photos—even with a smartphone—to highlight your business. A few of those tips include: 

- Natural light, and in particular daylight, tends to look best. 
- Make a list of the most important, best representative items and areas of your space, then be sure to photograph them. 
- De-clutter the background prior to taking pictures. 
- Shoot a lot and post a variety of photos to your listing. The more the better. 
- Get close, then get even closer. 

To this list, of course, I might add one more thing: if you've got a tricky space to photograph, or if you've got high standards but don't have the photography skills to match, or if you just don't feel like DIY-ing it yourself, consider hiring a professional to do it for you. If you don't know who to call... call us!

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