Making Upgrades to Our Studio

When you want to make a head-to-toe portrait on a bright white background, there's nothing better than a cyc wall.



This curved white wall features a seamless transition from wall to floor that, when lit, completely disappears. It's a great way to create the "infinity" look in a photo or video. We recently installed our own cyc wall in our shooting space, and we couldn't be happier.



We worked with materials from Cyc Wall Systems, a New York manufacturer of a unique system for building and installing your own permanent cyc wall. 



The process isn't pretty, but in the end it's worth it. The picture below shows the nearly finished wall, just in need of a bit of finishing and a couple coats of white paint to produce the seamless wall shown in the first picture above. 



Don't forget that you can rent our studio for your next photo or video shoot. Our rates are affordable and we've got the expertise to help ensure your production goes off without a hitch. Got any questions? Get in touch!

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