Hey St. Louis! Video Marketing is More Important than Ever!

Statistics show you should build your brand with video.

In 2019 more than three quarters of all web traffic is watching video. That’s according to research from Hubspot recently featured in Forbes magazine. Video traffic will still include everything from YouTube cat videos to gifs of people embarrassing themselves on social media, but it will also increasingly include brand-centric promo films that live on company websites and short, mobile-friendly clips that humanize faceless corporations and big brands alike. These videos are all but preordained to take over social media. Time and again society has proven we just can’t consume enough media, and the media we love most is video. Nom nom nom.

All of this bodes well if, like us, you produce marketing videos.

Right Bath Television Commercial from Barlow in St. Louis

More stats from Forbes:
– Adding video to email marketing efforts boosts clickthrough rates by a whopping 200% to 300%
– Nine out of ten consumers say videos help them make purchasing decisions
– YouTube says mobile video views double each year
– One digital marketing expert says that a single minute of online video is equal to nearly 2 million words

Television commercial for Right Bath

If I haven’t yet convinced you of the importance of adding video to your marketing efforts, I don’t know what will. (Maybe go back and read it again, but slower this time? Or consider reading the whole article at Forbes for a more fully-formed picture of just how profound this situation is.)

The implication from Forbes, if I may read between the lines, is that if you haven’t yet called us to produce video for your marketing efforts, you’re missing the boat.