Hide Your Psychopathy…

With a professional portrait!

I’ve always felt a little uneasy about folks who fill their social media feeds with selfies. I’ll be honest: self portraits kinda give me a creepy feeling. This is probably because I just assume they’re a little too self-absorbed for their own good. The good news, at least for half of you, is that a new study shows that women who post lots of selfies are just narcissists. Yay! The bad news, unfortunately, is that it’s been shown that men who posts lots of self portraits are statistically more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits. Oops.

So we’ve decided to help you hide your psychopathy and your narcissism with a professional portrait. If you’d like a steady stream of new pictures of yourself to post online, our new “Hide Your Psychopathy” portrait package might be perfect for you. For $1,000 you’ll receive a new portrait every month for a year. We can even use a cell phone to make sure its got that authentic “selfie” look!

Check out the selfie/psychopathy study at Gizmodo here. And stick around our web site to have a look at our photography and video services.