How to Pick the Perfect Portrait

A magazine said it so it must be true.

I was sitting in the barber shop the other day (technically a salon, but I didn’t want to sound pretentious and weird) waiting to get my ears lowered when I found the article pictured below in Entrepreneur magazine. It’s all about how to pick the perfect headshot for your LinkedIn profile, and it makes some great points. Namely, how important it is to have a natural smile, which is a smile you can see in the eyes. A “squinch,” they call it.

They also ran some photos through a neat online app that will provide insights into which portrait sends which message. Concerned that you look overly casual or not competent enough? PhotoFeeler will help you suss out which of your portraits you should use. Next time you’re trying to select a portrait from a batch of proofs, this could come in pretty handy.

Read the Entrepreneur article online here.