More Data Proves the Power of Social Media Video

As if you didn’t already know, video is dominating social media marketing.

New data from Facebook video montage-maker Animoto reinforces the idea that marketing in the 21st century is, at least so far, all about video.

In a survey of 1,000 consumers and 500 marketers, the company learned just how important video is. For instance:

– Nearly two-thirds of consumers say they watched a marketing video on Facebook within the last month, and it influenced their purchasing decision.
– 92% of marketers are making videos out of assets they already have–like photos and graphs and information they’ve collected for other purposes. (Seems like maybe this is disproportionate, and for something so important to consumers, marketers might want to actually create new assets for these promotions. But maybe that’s just our bias showing.)
– Mobile is crucial. 81% of marketers say they’re optimizing videos for social sharing, including square and vertical videos.
– Platform matters. YouTube, of course, is a great way to reach consumers, and may even be considered industry standard. But Facebook is also one of the highest ranking platforms when it comes to a marketer’s confidence about actually reaching their target viewer. The top three channels are Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat.

For more details, check out the full infographic at Animoto’s blog. Then call us about producing your next video for social media.