Preparing for Your Portrait Session

The key to a successful headshot is to look professional, relaxed and comfortable. The former is
done through proper wardrobe, accessories and styling. The latter is a team effort. Try to schedule
your headshot when you’re not in a rush, and don’t worry if you’re running late or short on time.
Just let us know and we’ll gladly accommodate your schedule. Upon arrival, allow a few minutes to
relax and prepare in our dressing room. After all, the best way to appear relaxed and comfortable
is to actually be relaxed and comfortable.

Six professional headshot portraits of two men and four women, in studio settings and office environments. Dressed well in medium to dark tones and solid colors with simple jewelry and styling.

What Should You Wear for a Professional Portrait?

Dress simply and professionally, as you would for a job interview or if you were running for office. For all their flaws, presidential candidates do a great job dressing for the camera, choosing solid, medium-to-dark suits (darker colors are slimming, too) and avoiding bold, eye-catching patterns and accessories. Simple striped or solid ties photograph better than bright, busy ones, and the same goes for jackets: little to no pattern will photograph better than pinstripes or checks.

Wear a jacket. The tie is optional, but the jacket is a necessity.

For makeup, don’t feel like you have to do anything different than usual—with one exception. If you don’t typically wear makeup, consider using a little foundation or concealer, or even just a bit of powder to even out skin tones and minimize shine.

If your beard grows quickly, consider scheduling your portrait in the morning or bringing along a razor to shave prior to the session and eliminate the five o’clock shadow.

If you need a haircut, try to do it a week before your session.

A little hairspray does wonders for taming flyaway hairs. We have some if you don’t.

Unless you’re known for a flamboyant style that’s part of your brand, avoid jewelry and accessories that are particularly big, bold or eye catching. We want the focus on your face.

Should you wear your glasses in the picture? If people won’t recognize you without them, yes. If you only wear them sometimes, it’s up to you. Alas, you will look older with glasses, but you’ll appear smarter, too. We’re happy to try it both ways so you can see what you prefer.

Lastly, ensure your clothes fit well—neither too baggy nor too tight. Break some of the above rules
if you must, but by all means avoid an ill-fitting suit.

Click here to download a helpful PDF of these tips.