You Need a Business Portrait

We shoot headshots and corporate portraits in St. Louis

Business portraits. Headshots. Corporate portraits. Executive profile pics. Whatever you may call them, these portraits are one of the most popular photography requests we get. That’s because they’re practically a business staple—like business cards or LinkedIn accounts. For lawyers and accountants especially, traditional formal portraits are de rigueur. But real estate agents, doctors, board members and executives of all types are also ideal candidates for business portraits. Artists, designers, authors and others in creative jobs regularly need portraits too, even if theirs should look a bit different.

Ultimately, a business portrait is an extension of your brand, so it can be as staid and formal or as creative and casual as you’d like. Below are a few examples of traditional executive portraits we’ve made in studio and on location.

No matter what line of work you’re in, you might want to consider investing in a business portrait. It’s about the most affordable marketing tool you can buy. A headshot is perfect for use on social media, blogs, web sites and marketing materials of all kinds—and it’s the ideal accompaniment to every press release a company sends out. (PR Pro Tip: if you want to get published, don’t just send a written press release, send pictures too!)

A skilled photographer will make a great portrait. With enough experience, that photographer will also be able to help determine the right visual style for your image. Some industries all but require traditional portraits, while others hate the idea and want the exact opposite. It’s important to determine what fits best in your field without compromising on the look that most suits your personal brand. For some it will be formal, for others it might be a more personalized, casual, creative portrait. Ultimately, an experienced professional photographer will do what we do: customize a portrait session to precisely meet your needs.

If you’d like to learn more about business portraits—whether you’re in need of a single portrait for yourself or you want shots for the whole team, in our St. Louis studio or at your office anywhere in the country—contact us today. We’ll be happy to explain how portrait sessions commonly work, and how we can customize them to meet your exact needs. Until then, take a look at our portfolio for a few more examples of the kind of headshots we’re often asked to make for our clients.