The Video Business Portrait

Professional video production can be easy and affordable.

For decades, Barlow Productions has provided St. Louis and national clients with high-quality commercial photography and video production services. We are now able to offer high-quality, professional, high-definition video production at a fraction of the cost of a large-scale video shoot. We call this service the “Video Business Portrait,” and it’s an economical way to produce professional videos for your business.

collage of people in a video business portrait

An ideal vehicle for attorneys, accountants, marketing professionals and public relations specialists to introduce themselves in a personal way, the Video Business Portrait is a complete turn-key solution. Here’s how it works.

1. Contact us to schedule your video shoot in studio or on location at your office. Plan for a 30- to 60-minute session.
2. Sit down with us for a conversational interview in which you describe your services and credentials–or any other information that you’d like to convey in a relaxed, easygoing manner. Then consider adding b-roll footage of you and your employees at work to upgrade the production value.
3. We will edit the footage to a concise 30- to 90-second video clip, utilizing the best takes and harnessing the ideal information you’re striving to convey. We will incorporate your company’s branding and graphics for titles and contact information to fully personalize your video.
4. You view a rough edit and tell us any changes you’d like to make. We then make those changes and output a finished video file that’s custom-tailored to meet your needs.
5. Of course, the entire process is completely customizable, so just let us know how we can make the Video Business Portrait a perfect fit for your marketing and business branding needs.

If you’d like to discuss your video or photography needs in more detail, contact Bill Sawalich or Patrick Barlow at 314-994-9990, or email us at [email protected]. At Barlow, we’re working to make professional photography and video production easy and affordable.